Nick Wright’s 2011 Offseason diet

Offseason Diet Plan        
  Training Days
Protein Carbs Fat
Meal 1 3 scoops RTN Mass Builder 37.5g 75 g 2.5g
1 piece whole grain bread 4g 15g 2g
1 tbs peabut butter 4g 3g 8g
Meal Totals 45.5g 93g 12.5g
Meal 2 6oz chicken 35g 0g 3g
10oz sweet potato 5g 67g 2g
1 tsp olive macadamia or canola oil 0g 0g 5g
Meal Totals 40g 67g 10g
Meal 3 6 oz chicken 35g 0g 3g
1.5 cups brown rice 3g 63g 4g
1 tsp olive macadamia or canola oil 0g 0g 5g
Meal Totals 38g 63g 12g
Meal 4 6oz tuna 35g 0g 3g
Pre WO 10 oz russet potato 5g 67g 2g
1 tsp olive macadamia or canola oil 0g 0g 5g
meal Totals 40g 67g 10g
Meal 5 3 scoops RTN Mass Builder 37.5g 75g 2.5g
Post WO
1 banana 0g 30g 0g
Meal Totals 37.5g 105g 2.5g
Meal 6 6oz lean red meat 35g 0g 6g
10oz russet potato 5g 67g 2g
2 tsp olive oil 0g 0g 10g
veggies (green salad)
Meal Totals 40g 67g 18g
Meal 7 6 oz tilapia 35g 0g 1g
2/3 cup brown rice 2g 28g 2g
3 tsp canola oil 0g 0g 15g
Meal Totals 37g 28g 18g
Daily Totals 3819Cal 278g pro 490g carb 83g fat
29% 51% 20%

***Above diet Updated Feb 26th***

Offseason Diet Plan        
  Rest Day
Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Meal 1 1.5 scoops RTN whey 36g 1.5 g 1.5g
1 cup oats 8g 56g 6g
1/2 piece fruit 0g 15g 0g
Meal Totals 44g 72.5g 7.5g
Meal 2 6oz tilapia or chicken 35g 0g 3g
8oz sweet potato 4g 54g 0g
1 tsp olive macadamia or canola oil 0g 0g 5g
Meal Totals 39g 54g 8g
Meal 3 6 oz chicken 35g 0g 3g
1.25 cup brown rice 2g 56g 3g
1 tsp olive macadamia or canola oil 0g 0g 5g
Meal Totals 37g 56g 11g
Meal 4 6oz tuna 30g 0g 3g
8 oz russet potato 4g 54g 1g
1 tsp olive macadamia or canola oil 0g 0g 5g
meal Totals 34g 54g 9g
Meal 5 6oz lean red meat 35g 0g 6g
8oz russet potato 4g 54g 0g
2 tsp olive macadamia or canola oil 0g 0g 10g
veggies (green salad)
Meal Totals 39g 54g 16g
Meal 6 1.5 scoop RTN whey 36g 1.5g 1.5g
1/2 cup oats 4g 28g 2g
1.5 tbs peanut butter 9g 6g 12g
Meal Totals 49g 35.5g 15.5g
Daily Totals 2834.5  cal 242g  pro 318.5g carb 68.5g  fat
33% 45% 22%

This offseason our goal is to keep Nick as lean as possible while still putting on quality size. There is two resons for this.

#1. Nick needs to stay within about two weeks of being photo shoot ready. This offseason he has some BIG things coming so he needs to be sharp!

#2. Staying leaner in the offseason allows for an easier prep.

This is just a starting point. The diet will be adjusted every couple weeks depending on how Nick is progressing. I will be monoriting his weight, measurements, how he looks and how he feels to make the nessesary changes. The diet is a modified carb/calorie cycle. On training days calories are up around 22 per pound of Lean Body Mass whereas on rest day the calories are around 18 per pound of LBM. This type of cycle is designed to keep body fat gain to a minimum but still have the nessesary nutritients to build muscle.

With this diet there is 1 free meal each week. It can be anything. The only requirement is it has to be on a training day. Again like everything else this is subject to change. Who knows if everything goes well we might add another free meal each week!


If you like how this diet is set up but want your own customized diet to fit your needs check out the link below to get hooked up!

*Make sure you watch the video, it tells everything you need to know!

About huntfitness

My name is Kyle Hunt, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I own the fitness website Hunt Fitness.

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  1. Is your food in your diet plans weighed before you cook or after? ex-5oz chicken breast weighed raw or cooked?

  2. How much money are you looking at per month with a diet plan like this? It seems pretty expensive.

  3. He isn’t going to cook it and have like 4.5OZ of chicken then have to cook another 0.5OZ of chicken -.-

  4. Hey diet looks solid but i have to ask why the carbs right before bed, does it promote muscle growth. Their is alot of contridition to this thats why if you could help me out that would be great

    • We do tend to taper the carbs off as the day goes along simply because we dont need them for energy at that point. However, the myth that carbs eaten at night leads fat gain is false. Carbs eaten at night do not contribute to any added fat gain therefore we have them before bed just because thats how it worked out to hit the daily carbohydrate intake.

  5. How many calories Per pound of lean mass should a mesomorph should take on a offseason diet?

    • In my opinion a mesomorph is typically in the 20-22 calories per pound of LBM (lean body mass) range to gain lean quality size. Again it really depends on the individual but thats a good starting point.

  6. I wanted to ask you why the lean red meat post meal 6 , shouldn’t you take in something that will absord quicker in the body like tilapia or chicken .. As well as the oil … But correct me because im just curious wanting to learn why .. Also why the oats post workout isint something more simpler like maltedextin so that way it will spike ur inulin driving nutrients like the carbs abd whey into ur muscles as fast as possible ? Let me know tho please man

  7. Also I’m an ectomorph with some decent lean muscle but nothing to what I want to get at yet .. What do you suggest as far as calorie range my diet feels solid but maybe I’m not getting enough calories . I’m cureently taking in 240g of protein -470g of carbs – 79g of fat in a total day divided by 8 meals but hold the carbs meal. 8. If you could adjust this or fix this please I would aprreciate it . I weight 161 pounds and I’m about 5.9 inches and at about 6 percent bodyfat. Also I fixed this diet just this week adding more protein . So please help me out boss

  8. Hey Kyle how come you didn’t add dextrose as part of the post workout shake? Isn’t it good to spike insulin during the 30 min window, especially if trying to add mass and strength?

    • Ron,

      High insulin spikes post workout can be benefitial but are not nessesarily needed to promote maximum protein snthesis which is what are goal is for post workout. I do however reccomend around a 50:50 ratio of high glycemic/low glycemic carbohydrates post workout to promote maximum recovery. I sometimes use a mix of dextrose or maltodextrin and oats or a bananna and oats or something like that to achieve the ratio. For fat loss I tend to stick to whole food sources but in the offseason/bulking it doesnt matter to me as much where clients get the CHO’s from. Hope this answers your question.

      • Oh ok I see ive been doing dextrose from Gatorade powder a banana and the rtn mass shake. So your saying since I gOt the banana in my shake that I don’t need the gatorade powder for full recOvery since I got the banana and 3 scoops of the rtn mass builder shake?

  9. Ron,

    The first order of buisness would be to find out how many grams of CHO’s you need post workout. Once there is a number of reference then you can begin to decide where you want to get your CHO’s from. Like I said I like to get a mix of high and low GI sources post wo to provide a quick and prolonged absorbtion process. The carbs form the rtn mass builder are predominitly slow acting so you are correct in mixing in some dextrose and a banana. You could either do a bananna or dextrose or a keep a mix of both to meet the CHO needs. The main point is to have the correct total of CHO’s.

  10. What would my cho be and what does that stand for if I may ask? I’m 5’7 190 waist size 32 bodyfat % 16-28 not sure yet need to get it looked at

    • By CHOs I just mean carbs. I would say at 190lbs if you are trying to put on muscle a nice range for total cabohydrate intake would be between 380g-450g depending on how insulin sensitive you are. I would then shoot for about 25% of your overal carb intake to come post workout therfore, shoot for 95-115g carbs post workout. Now this may be a lot so you might have to work up to it.

  11. Hey Kyle i sent you an email man i havnt got a reply let me know if you got it or not

  12. i re sent it bro hope you get it i appreciate the help man !

  13. Hi sir, I’m an ectomorph. I heard that I should always eat fast digesting carbs so that I can eat more food for more calories. Is that true? I hardly gain any fat in whatever I eat

    • I wouldnt eat fast digesting carbs at every meal but since you are a ectomorph you can get away with having more than most. Try for a mix of fast and slow digesting carbs most of the time. So for instance if you eat 6 meals you can have high GI carbs 3-4 meals and 2-3 lower GI meals. Best times to have higher GI carb sources are breakfast and post workout.

  14. Nick how do you eat all these meals while working at a full time job? What do you do by the way(job)?

  15. hey kyle what are the calculations for the training days of proteins /carbs/fats example … 1.5g protein x bodyweight … 2.5grams carbs x bodyweight … 0.5x bodyweight for fats…. i know their is many different methods for macro ratios when bulking but does it just depend or is this proven to work best when bulking clean ?

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