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One Year Later

One Year Later…..Where have the blog articles been???


            As many of you know Hunt Fitness started right here on the Blog and eventually transitioned into what it is today. The first time the name came about was when I created a Word press account under the name “Hunt Fitness”, that was a little over 14 months ago. Here we are on the last day of July and I realized we are coming up on another milestone. August 28th will mark 1 year since the official Hunt Fitness website went live. I am proud to say the website as a whole has grown quite a bit over the last year. There is still a long way to go and hopefully it never becomes stagnate and always keeps improving. That’s something I think we all should think about for a moment. In life and especially in health and fitness, it’s not where you start but where you finish. Let that be a constant reminder to work harder everyday in every aspect of your life, it is rewarding to look back at how far you have come.

            It has been a long time since I have written a blog article.  There are two plausible explanations for this: For one, I just plain forget about it. It’s true with all that I have going on in conjunction with the website the blog sometime gets overshadowed. That is a shame because I really enjoy writing and keeping up to date articles available. Secondly, my time gets divided differently now than when I first started Hunt Fitness. In the beginning most of my time was spent writing articles and posting on the facebook page and trying to get the name out there. Don’t get me wrong, I still spend a great deal of energy and focus on marketing but now my time is better spent focusing on my clients. I love it! Team Hunt Fitness is growing every day.

            I woke up on this Sunday with a focus. I want to get back to writing more articles. I want to build the Hunt Fitness Blog into a place where people can go to get quality information that will help them reach their goals. And in the end that’s what it is all about, helping people reach their goals! I am going to be incorporating scientifically backed information (no B.S) along with my opinions and views on a number of topics. You can go anywhere to get information but you can only come here to get my personal perspective. (For the most part anyway, I can be found on other pages throughout the web). So look forward to more articles on training, nutrition, supplementation, and more.

            This quick blog post was just to let everyone know the blog is still here and can be found right on the website ( at the top under “Blog”.  

                In conclusion I just want to thank everyone who has supported Hunt Fitness over that last year! I greatly appreciate it. I want us all to come together and strive for more success in years to come.

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Thank you,

Kyle Hunt