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Training Value

This is the most basic workout program that will deliver the most results!


The other day I was thinking about how much people look for value. This time of year is the most evident of that. Black Friday shopping is turning into more of an event than Thanksgiving itself! Keeping this in mind I thought about training value. I asked myself “what workout program would offer the best absolute value?” To come up with the answer I needed to define value in a training sense. To me, value came down to an equation.


Training Value = Results + Efficiency / Cost


To be a good “training value” the program first and foremost would have to deliver great results. When referring to results I am talking about total fitness, including strength, endurance, and cosmetic benefits. The workout must also be time efficient. Time efficiency includes how many days a week it needs to be done as well as how long the workout takes to be completed. Lastly the program must cost little to nothing so no gym membership required!


I know what you are probably thinking right now. The easy answer to this question is obviously running. It can deliver good results, is efficient and doesn’t cost anything. Well you have a point however, just going for a run does not hit all of the results requirements. In order to hit all of the results requirements the program has to be a combination of exercises matched together.


Note: This workout is bare bones! It would not be sufficient for athletes or anyone with a specific training purpose. However, it would be great for someone who wants to exercise and see great results in a limited amount of time. This is an intense workout; beginners should start with less reps/sets than the program calls for. It’s all about VALUE!!!


Here is what I came up with!

The Exercises  

–          Pushups

–          Plank

–          Pullups

–          Burpees (With a pushup at the bottom and jump at the top)

–          Running


These are the 5 exercises / activities I came up with to create the best overall training value.


Here is the workout….


The Workout

–          The workout is to be preformed 2 days a week. Always with at least a day of rest in between.

–          The workout should be timed. Try to beat your previous best workout time each attempt. It should not take longer than 45 minutes. A good goal would be a half hour.


Circuit # 1 (2 rotations)

–          Burpees           15 reps

–          Plank               hold for 1 minute


  • (2) 40 yard Sprints in between circuit


Circuit # 2 (2 rotations)

–          Pushup             50

–          Pull-up             20

*They don’t have to be in a row.


  • (2) 40 yard Sprints in between circuit


Circuit # 3 (1 rotation)

–          Burpees           10 reps

–          Plank               hold for 45 seconds

–          Push up            25 reps

–          Pull up             10 reps



  • Half mile jog after all the circuits are complete.


Hunt Fitness: Tom Nybeck

I typically don’t put “testimonials” up on the blog. As many of you know the blog is reserved for articles that hit on training, nutrition, supplementation and motivation. The goal is to create a place where people can go to get great information that will help them reach their goals!

This “testimonial” is a great source of motivation so I thought it should be shared on the blog!


Testimonial from Tom Nybeck

When you try to step into the world of bodybuilding, you have to realize that

you’re not starting a hobby or a sport, you’re starting a LIFESTYLE! In the

beginning I thought I had it all understood, I would lift weights, hop on the

elliptical, and drink protein shake after protein shake. Boy was I WRONG! It is so much more than that, you have to know your diet completely inside and out, and I did not.

When I decided to attempt my first bodybuilding show I tried to write up my own diet. I remember sitting down and writing up a diet that I thought would get me through the whole 12 weeks, chicken (no measurement just as much as I grabbed or put on my plate) and some brown rice (again as much as I felt like scooping). I had actually typed this up and planned on doing it, that is until I met up with hunt-fitness. I sat down with him and he asked me “where’s your macros at?” Ummm…uhhh…I had no idea what a macro was let alone what mine were. So I asked for his help, because I soon got slapped in the face with reality. This pre contest prep was going to be more then was I had anticipated. We met up and he agreed to help me. We communicated via email and text with him sending me my diet and I followed it to a T. Over the 12 weeks I went from 248lbs to 216 on show day, with abs. I have never in my life had abs, I started out at 330lbs, 43 percent body fat! I was heading down a road of diabetes and obesity. So needless to say having abs made me feel amazing! I placed 5th at my show, but the placing didn’t matter as I learned so much, went through emotional ups and downs but with the support of my wife and family, and the hunt-fitness guidance I attained my goal. I am now starting my prep which will be 20 weeks for my 2nd show, this show I will bring something that no one will expect. I plan on documenting the whole thing which you will be able to watch though youtube and my facebook page “team

bodyrage.” And YES, hunt-fitness is going to guide me through this journey!

I owe so much to hunt-fitness, like their slogan says “One Dream, One Reality” they truly made my dream become a reality! I was able to step on stage after years of wishing. Thank you hunt-fitness and yes there is more to come!!!

Tom Nybeck

Twitter: t_ny_77

Facebook: team bodyrage



In Season Wrestling Workout

In Season Wrestling Workout


Wrestling is arguably the most grueling sport on not only the body but on the mind as well. Between intense practices, yearlong competition and not to mention weight cutting, wrestling truly is for the hardcore and dedicated!

Last year I wrote an Offseason Wrestling Workout article that generated a lot of interest. I received emails from athletes across the country that followed this program and gained a lot of success from it. Being November, the time of year when wrestling programs are starting up, I figured it would be a good time to put out an in season program.

Some of the most important aspects for wrestlers to develop to become successful are strength, power, and endurance. Most wrestlers do a good job working on these things in the offseason but it should not stop there. In my opinion in season workouts are more important for wrestlers than any other athlete. It is real easy to lose strength and power throughout a wrestling season when you are cutting weight combined with intense 2 hour practices along with not following any type of resistance training program.

I first got into working out following my freshman year of high school. I worked out very intensely that entire offseason and by the time my sophomore season rolled around I was in great shape in all three aspects of strength, power and endurance. However, once the season started I assumed my wrestling practice would be enough to help me maintain the progress I made during the offseason. Unfortunately, I was terribly wrong. The first few months of the year I was in amazing shape but as the season progressed I became weaker and weaker. Of course my endurance stayed around the same level due to the practices but because of “sucking weight” and no resistance training I lost a lot of strength and power.

This was me during my sophomore wrestling season at 15 years old at 96 lbs.

The main goal of this in season program is to help the athletes maintain and even gain strength and power throughout the season. A wrestler wants to be at their very best for sectionals and states at the end of the year when it is most important. Following an in season resistance training program like this is the best way to accomplish that goal!


Here are a few points to consider when dealing with student athletes.

–          The workouts need to be adjustable. Student athletes have a lot going on in their lives so there needs to be varying intensity and volume. It is important for the coach/trainer to know and understand how the athletes are feeling on that given day. The sample workout program in this article allows for adjustments based on how the athletes are feeling on that day. Also time needs to be taken into consideration. With school, practice and daily life the workouts need to be quick and to the point. Overtraining is also something to be aware of.

–          During the season the main goal is not necessarily to build muscle or put on any type of weight therefore the workout program should be suited for what is important which is strength and power.

–          The workouts do not need to include much cardiovascular work because practice will take care of that! Also I do not recommend any direct abdominal, neck or forearm training because live wrestling hits those areas indirectly.



The Workout Program


The workout program is designed to be done twice a week divided up into a lower body and upper body day.


The program is designed assuming the wrestlers have a tournament on Saturday and a dual meet on Tuesday or Wednesday. The first workout is to be done on Sunday the day after a tournament and the second workout is to be done the day after the dual meet so Wednesday or Thursday.


Each day will include exercises focused on developing strength, power, and muscular endurance.


Just because this is an in season program does not mean you have to go light. The goal should always be to try and increase weight each workout. Progressive overload is an important stimulus for improvement.


Adjust the amount of sets depending on how you feel.


Additional cardio can be added on these days depending on how much conditioning is done in practice.



Sunday Workout – Lower Body


–          5-10 minute light cardio warm up

–          5-10 minute dynamic stretching warm up



–          Barbell Front Squats                           2-3 sets x 6-10 reps



–     Barbell overhead Squat                      2-3 sets x 10-15 reps

Or Bulgarian Split Squats


–          Romanian Deadlift                              2-3 sets x 6-10 reps

Or Deadlifts


–          Walking Lunges                                   2-3 sets x 10-15 reps

–          Leg extensions                                                2-3 sets x 15-20 reps


–          Glute Ham Raises                               2-3 sets x 15-20 reps


Circuit (2-3 rotations)

–          Box Jump         20 reps

–          Squat Jump      20 reps

–          Burpees           15 reps

–          Stand ups         10 reps



Wednesday or Thursday Workout – Upper Body

–          5-10 minute light cardio warm up

–          5-10 minute dynamic stretching warm up



–          Barbell or Dumbell Clean and Press              2-3 sets x 6-10 reps


–          Barbell or DB Flat Chest Press                                    2-3 sets x 6-10 reps


–          Weighted Dips                                                            2-3 sets x 10-15 reps


–          Barbell Rows                                                   2-3 sets x 6-10 reps


–          Barbell or DB curl                                           2-3 sets x 8-12 reps


Circuit (3-4 rotations)


–          Plyo Pushups               20 reps


–          Pullups                         Failure


–          Handstand pushups     10 reps



If you have any questions about this workout feel free to contact me at


Until next time….”One Dream. One Reality”

Kyle Hunt

Hunt Fitness

The Importance of Optimal Testosterone Levels

The Importance of Optimal Testosterone Levels

in Men and how to prevent severe declines through your training and

By Jonathan Kanevskiy



        I find this topic very significant to all males, whether they are high-level athletes, an average man, or even a young males in their teens and 20’s, who is concerned with his health and performing both mentally and physically at his best. Testosterone plays a big role in behavior, disease prevention, physical strength, sexual activity, libido, endurance, recovery, growth and so on. Although, testosterone levels naturally decline as men age (steadily after ages 35-40), there are ways to prolong the effect and regulate healthy levels as time goes by. Studies have shown over the past few decades that testosterone levels in men have severely declined. Currently, there are more age-related diseases, cases of infertility, and depression than ever before occurring in men of younger ages! Especially with the obesity problem in the U.S. as well as other nations, more people have higher body fat levels which are shown to decrease testosterone levels and raise estrogen levels. This creates a hormonal imbalance which can lead to many potential illnesses, decrease muscle mass, increase body fat, and worsen brain and heart function. I wanted to share a few of many ways you can make sure your natural testosterone levels are as high as they can be no matter what age you are through your training and nutrition.

         As stated above, stay LEAN! Do your best to prevent high body fat levels. I would say anything more than around 12%-15 %(max) is a bit excessive for males. A big problem that is getting worse and worse is that people abuse food and eat way more than their body can handle. It has sort of become a hobby or a recreational activity, sometimes even a stress-reliever. It is not uncommon to want to eat up a storm after having a bad day or feeling stressed out and tired. I’m not saying you shouldn’t enjoy your food (which you should), but it’s important to look at the “big picture” when it comes to your goals in fitness, health, longevity, etc. Food is nothing more than fuel for your body to survive and perform as efficiently as possible mentally and physically. Your body is a machine, and if you expect a good output or result from it, you need to make sure the input is just as good, if not better. Research has shown that men who were on diets that included high amounts of mono-saturated fats have significantly higher testosterone levels than those who do not. It is believed by researchers and scientists that mono-saturated fats have a direct effect on the testes. Foods like nuts, olives, olive oil, macadamia nut oil, and nut buttes are great sources of monounsaturated fat. Be sure to include plenty in your diet.

         If you don’t already have a workout program that covers both the weight training and even some cardiovascular training, you should! It has been proven that weight training and incorporating heavy compound movements  such as squats, presses, rows, and dead lifts increase testosterone in men. Higher testosterone will enable you to maintain and build on your strength. Overall physical training stimulates the body to release endorphins and raise testosterone levels. But don’t underestimate rest, recovery and sleep. If you train hard, intense, and often but do not leave enough time for your body to recover adequately between training sessions your circulating testosterone levels can go down by as much as 40% (results from a study by the University of North Carolina). Sleep is necessary to all people, but to athletes and bodybuilders it is ESSENTIAL. If you have any desire to increase your muscle mass and burn fat your testosterone levels must be optimal to do so, this is why it is important to get your sleep in and make the most out of your recovery from all your daily doings.

        To wrap it all up… there has been a strong decline in testosterone in men in the past few decades. Men are becoming infertile younger and there is a widespread of age-related diseases than ever before. There are many reasons why that could’ve happened more and more people are overweight, clinically obese, and tend to lack personal care for their health through nutrition and exercise. In this advanced technological society, people are so preoccupied with computers and T.V. that there are almost no reasons to walk on your feet anymore. Optimal levels of testosterone in men are vital as they provide endless health benefits to the body. They can prevent many diseases and are shown to increase lifespan and longevity. It’s all about consistency, if you have the areas of nutrition, training, and recovery in check for a long period of time, you will most likely get leaner and have higher testosterone levels than if you didn’t. I hope my tips have helped you attain a better understanding on this matter and how you can better your natural testosterone production and make the most of your health.

Freelance Writing Opportunities

Freelance Writing Opportunities


Here at Hunt Fitness my main priority is to help people reach their goals. Ideally I would be able to work with everyone one on one individually to provide the resources and motivation ensure everyone stays on track and meets those goals but that’s just not realistic. That’s one of the main reasons why I work so hard to continue to put out articles on the Hunt Fitness Blog. I want everyone to have another place to go to find useful information that can help people succeed! Unfortunately I am extremely busy and do not get a chance to write articles as frequently as I want! I go to school full time studding exercise science at SUNY Fredonia along with running Hunt Fitness and working with 8-12 clients at a time. This leads me to offer freelance writing opportunities for anyone who is interested. If you are knowledgeable in an aspect of fitness and would like to have articles published here on the Hunt Fitness Blog or the Hunt Fitness Blog 4 Females send me an email at
with the article and if I like it I will publish it.

This also goes both ways. If you have a blog and would be interested in having myselfwrite articles for you contact me and we can see if we can work something out! I am busy but I love being able to give back to people in the fitness community because I feel it is important we stick together and grow the industry as a whole.

As always if you have any questions feel free to email them to me at


Kyle Hunt

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