Training Value

This is the most basic workout program that will deliver the most results!


The other day I was thinking about how much people look for value. This time of year is the most evident of that. Black Friday shopping is turning into more of an event than Thanksgiving itself! Keeping this in mind I thought about training value. I asked myself “what workout program would offer the best absolute value?” To come up with the answer I needed to define value in a training sense. To me, value came down to an equation.


Training Value = Results + Efficiency / Cost


To be a good “training value” the program first and foremost would have to deliver great results. When referring to results I am talking about total fitness, including strength, endurance, and cosmetic benefits. The workout must also be time efficient. Time efficiency includes how many days a week it needs to be done as well as how long the workout takes to be completed. Lastly the program must cost little to nothing so no gym membership required!


I know what you are probably thinking right now. The easy answer to this question is obviously running. It can deliver good results, is efficient and doesn’t cost anything. Well you have a point however, just going for a run does not hit all of the results requirements. In order to hit all of the results requirements the program has to be a combination of exercises matched together.


Note: This workout is bare bones! It would not be sufficient for athletes or anyone with a specific training purpose. However, it would be great for someone who wants to exercise and see great results in a limited amount of time. This is an intense workout; beginners should start with less reps/sets than the program calls for. It’s all about VALUE!!!


Here is what I came up with!

The Exercises  

–          Pushups

–          Plank

–          Pullups

–          Burpees (With a pushup at the bottom and jump at the top)

–          Running


These are the 5 exercises / activities I came up with to create the best overall training value.


Here is the workout….


The Workout

–          The workout is to be preformed 2 days a week. Always with at least a day of rest in between.

–          The workout should be timed. Try to beat your previous best workout time each attempt. It should not take longer than 45 minutes. A good goal would be a half hour.


Circuit # 1 (2 rotations)

–          Burpees           15 reps

–          Plank               hold for 1 minute


  • (2) 40 yard Sprints in between circuit


Circuit # 2 (2 rotations)

–          Pushup             50

–          Pull-up             20

*They don’t have to be in a row.


  • (2) 40 yard Sprints in between circuit


Circuit # 3 (1 rotation)

–          Burpees           10 reps

–          Plank               hold for 45 seconds

–          Push up            25 reps

–          Pull up             10 reps



  • Half mile jog after all the circuits are complete.


About huntfitness

My name is Kyle Hunt, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I own the fitness website Hunt Fitness.

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