2012 Hunt Fitness Classic

2012 Hunt Fitness Classic

Sponsored by Hunt-Fitness.com, Tigerfitness.com and Marc Lobliner (MTS and EthiTech Nutrition)




This is an online bodybuilding contest like no other on the web! Bigger and Better than last year.

  • Sign up– starts Jan 1st and goes all the way up until April 7th.
  • Video week– April 1st– 7th Enter your video to huntfitnessclassic@gmail.com
  • The video must be a YouTube video. Send the link
  • Voting Week– Starts Sunday April 8th at 12pm noon and goes until Saturday April 14th at 12pm noon.  Voting will be done on the Hunt Fitness site.

Sign ups

To sign up, send your name along with a short bio, height, weight, picture, and where you are from to huntfitnessclassic@gmail.com between Jan 1 and march31st. This will go up on the site as your “competitor profile”. Your video will be posted with your profile on the site.

*This is a key difference from last year. There is not a deadline to sign up. This year you can sign up all the way up until the day before voting. As long as your information and video make it in before voting starts you are in!

As soon you send in your profile it will go up on the site ASAP.

The Contest

The video entry like mentioned must be a YouTube video. The video entry should be between 60-90 seconds and set up like a night show posing routine. Take into consideration music, lighting, presentation, etc as this will be what you are voted on.


This year the voting will be done by a poll that will be with the competitor profile and posing video. The voting is done by the viewers.

Whichever competitor has the most votes over the week of voting is the winner. Second and third place will be given out as well. Top three vote getters will get prizes.

The Prizes


                  · 8 weeks training with Marc “The Machine” Lobliner

                  · (2) 5lb tubs (1 chocolate and 1 vanilla) MTS Nutrition Whey

                  · 1 bottle MTS Nutrition Drop Factor

                  · 1 bottle EthiTech Yohimbine HCl

2nd Place

                  · (1) 5lb tub MTS Nutrition Whey

                  · 1 bottle MTS Nutrition Drop Factor

                  · 1 bottle EthiTech Yohimbine HCl

3rd Place

                  · (1) 5lb tub MTS Nutrition Whey

About huntfitness

My name is Kyle Hunt, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science and I am a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition. I own the fitness website Hunt Fitness. www.KyleHuntFitness.com

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  1. Nothing like a great competition to get you motivated. New year and New determination to succeed. Come on down all of you who think you can make it in the tough world of competition bodybuilding

  2. This looks like a great way to get some people motivated at my gym. I’ll definitely be passing this on to a few members. Thanks for offering such a unique contest!

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