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Why people do not see results.

I was asked a question the other day that made me realize this topic needed to be addressed. My cousin asked “why do I see so many people in the gym who go regularly but always look the same for years”? I came up with three reasons in about ten seconds and though I would share them with you.

Reason #1- Not working hard enough

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe in hard work. If you are going to spend the time going to the gym you owe yourself to put in a good effort. The fact is your body must be forced to make progress; it’s not going to happen all by itself. You need to create a training stimulus that your body is not used to. I feel like too many people get in a comfort zone when they are training and are afraid to get out of it.  You should not be comfortable when training! Next time you go to the gym step out of your comfort zone and feel the difference.

Reason # 2 – Poor nutrition

These groups of people actually put in the hard work at the gym but still do not see the results they want.  They go on and on telling me about all of the great things they are doing at the gym but when I ask them about their diet they immediately go quiet. Nutrition is just as if not more important than training. Every major improvement I have made to my physique has been due to nutrition changes. The problem is most people do not know what they need. If you want help with your nutrition plan just shoot me an email and we can go over what you should be doing.

Reason # 3 – Same old same old

This is probably the biggest reason why people to do not progress from year to year. Most people get in a workout routine and never change it. They do the same body part split, the same exercises for the same amount of sets and reps year after year. This goes back to progressive overload; you need to force the body to make changes. Once your body plateaus you need to change it up to start making improvements once again. Next time you go to the gym do something completely different from what you normally do, you will see a difference!

Bonus Tip: There is one thing all these people have in common and that is they do not have a personal trainer. There is a reason why people hire personal trainers and that is to get the most out of every single workout and get results!