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My top bodybuilding supplement picks

1. Protein powder- The staple in every bodybuilders supplement bag. Very versitile can be taken anytime during the day. I reccommed a whey isolate/ hydroslate blend around workout times such as Beverly International’s Muscle Provider. This is a protein powder that is fast acting and tastes great! At other times of the day such as between meals and before bed a protein powder with a mix of whey and casein is best. I use Beverly’s Ultimate Muscle Protein at those times.

2. Glutamine and BCAAs- How can you go wrong, two supplements in one. The combination of amino acids glutamine, leucine, valine and isolucine make a potent cocktail that can be consumed before, durning or after training. Helps speed up the recovery process.

3. Creatine- This supplement speaks for itself. Increase strength, increased muscle force, delay of muscle fatigue, the benefits are endless. Still the most scientifically proven form is creatine monohydrate.

4. Pre workout- Nothing helps you get through a tough workout like a good pre workout supplement. The combination of caffine and N.O stimulating supplements is a perfect pre workout combination. Be carfull of the “fillers” and “propetary blends” that supplement companies use to make there products at a cheper rate.

5. Multivitamin- You can’t lift heavy in the gym if your sick. Cover all of your micronutrient needs with a good sports complete multivitamin.

Honorable mention: Carnitine and Omega 3