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RAW Upper Body Workout – Kyle Hunt and Bob Kupniewski

Kyle and Nick Take LA

An overview of the July 4th LA trip with Nick Wright and Kyle Hunt.


Nick Wright 1 Day Out Posing Practice

Nick practices posing the night before the 2012 Muscle Beach Championships. We talk about peak week nutrition and day of show nutritional stratagies.

RAW Back Workout at Diamond Gym

Kyle Hunt Trains Back 13 Weeks Out

Kyle Hunt Bodybuilding Prep Series

Kyle Hunt Trains Chest

2012 Hunt Fitness Classic

2012 Hunt Fitness Classic

Sponsored by, and Marc Lobliner (MTS and EthiTech Nutrition)

This is an online bodybuilding contest like no other on the web! Bigger and Better than last year.

  • Sign up– starts Jan 1st and goes all the way up until April 7th.
  • Video week– April 1st– 7th Enter your video to
  • The video must be a YouTube video. Send the link
  • Voting Week– Starts Sunday April 8th at 12pm noon and goes until Saturday April 14th at 12pm noon.  Voting will be done on the Hunt Fitness site.

Sign ups

To sign up, send your name along with a short bio, height, weight, picture, and where you are from to between Jan 1 and march31st. This will go up on the site as your “competitor profile”. Your video will be posted with your profile on the site.

*This is a key difference from last year. There is not a deadline to sign up. This year you can sign up all the way up until the day before voting. As long as your information and video make it in before voting starts you are in!

As soon you send in your profile it will go up on the site ASAP.

The Contest

The video entry like mentioned must be a YouTube video. The video entry should be between 60-90 seconds and set up like a night show posing routine. Take into consideration music, lighting, presentation, etc as this will be what you are voted on.


This year the voting will be done by a poll that will be with the competitor profile and posing video. The voting is done by the viewers.

Whichever competitor has the most votes over the week of voting is the winner. Second and third place will be given out as well. Top three vote getters will get prizes.

The Prizes


                  · 8 weeks training with Marc “The Machine” Lobliner

                  · (2) 5lb tubs (1 chocolate and 1 vanilla) MTS Nutrition Whey

                  · 1 bottle MTS Nutrition Drop Factor

                  · 1 bottle EthiTech Yohimbine HCl

2nd Place

                  · (1) 5lb tub MTS Nutrition Whey

                  · 1 bottle MTS Nutrition Drop Factor

                  · 1 bottle EthiTech Yohimbine HCl

3rd Place

                  · (1) 5lb tub MTS Nutrition Whey

2011 Mr. Olympia Predictions

2011 Mr. Olympia Preview

With the 2011 Mr. Olympia getting closer, the anticipation is
almost over. There are many interesting storylines going into the big contest
like usual. Will 4x champ Jay Cutler taking home the sandow once again? Or will
it be hard charging Phil Heath building upon his runner up finish last year to
overtake Cutler? Or could it be someone else entirely, I guess we will have to
wait to find out. This is how I see it going into the biggest bodybuilding show
in the world and how I see it all unfolding.

Just food for thought if Branch Warren did not injure
himself I would definitely have him somewhere in the top 5.

Honorable Mention- Ronny Rockel and Dexter Jackson
(Ronny Rockel) I have always really liked his physique.
He is a shorter guy who has good aesthetics but also has quality mass onto his
frame. I see him battling for a top 5 spot but coming up just short although it
wouldn’t surprise me if he somehow managed to crack the top 5.

(Dexter Jackson) The 2008 Mr. O Dexter Jackson
has seen his physique decline over the last couple years. I do feel like Dexter
still has what it takes to be competitive but doesn’t have enough left to crack
a top 5 spot. Dexter however is a legend and had one of the best aesthetically
pleasing physiques of all time.

2011 Mr. Olympia: Top 5 Predictions

5th Place- Victor Martinez
Victor has looked good this year and improved
from last year which is important to the judges. It wasn’t long ago Victor was
battling with Jay for the title. I think Victor has what it takes to crack top
5 and will be a legitimate contender this year.

4th Place- Dennis Wolf
Which Dennis Wolf is going to show up? The one
who has placed in the top 5 previously or the one from a couple years ago that
tied for 16th? Personally I feel like Dennis is beyond his 16th
place finish from a couple years ago and has his career and physique better
under control. I could see him as high as 3rd although I don’t see
him beating Kai unless Kai doesn’t bring his A game which is a possibility.
Look at last year for an example of Kai not at his best.

3rd Place- Kai Green
With Kai it’s all about coming in at his best.
If he brings his A game he has 3rd place locked up in my opinion. I
can’t see him beating Jay or Phil but no one else in the top 5 has what Kai brings
to the table. Although if Kai falters and doesn’t come it at his best he could
easily slip down and allow some of the others in the top 5 to capitalize on his
mistake, which happened last year. In the end however I see Kai coming in
looking great and snagging top 3!

2nd Place- Phil Heath
Phil has the best physique in the IFBB in my
opinion. A great mix of size, shape, and conditioning. However, with all that
said I still don’t see him beating Jay this year. Every year it seems like he
is one year away from overtopping Jay and I feel like everyone has said this
before but next year will be his year. There is no guarantee Jay is going to
come back next year and even if he does I think another year of development
gives Phil the title. I would be surprise to see him win the Sandow this year.

1st place- Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler is a man amongst boys at this point
in his career. His structure alone makes it almost impossible for anyone in the
line up to beat him. For Jay it’s all about conditioning. As long as he comes
in with no major issues he will take home his 5th title. However
there is a slight chance he makes a mistake, gets sick, or some major issue
erupts that could cause him to not be at his best although I don’t see it

How to Eat Healthy in College

It’s that time of year again, school is finally here! As schools across the country begin
to start up, students who wish to eat healthy are faced with the challenge of
finding clean food to eat. Questions such as…. what meal plan to get? What
foods to keep in the dorm? And how to get all of your daily meals in are
probably running through your head. This article is going to outline how to
manage your healthy eating while going to school and living on campus.

Meal Plans

Before you sign up for any meal plan first find out what your school offers. There are
probably a few different choices on campus so make sure you look at what each
place serves. This is exactly what I did. Luckily I found a few different
options on campus where I could get some food that would be suitable to my diet.
I went with the highest meal plan which offers 14 meals per week. In my opinion
the more meals you will be able to get from one of the campus dining halls the

Grocery List

Since it’s very likely you will only be getting at the most two meals a day from one of
the dining halls, you are going to have to come up with another 3-5 more
meals/snacks on your own. To do this you will need to get your hands on a mini
fridge and a microwave. With those two devices you should be set.


Protein Source Options

– Whey protein powder

– Canned chicken

– Canned tuna

– Egg whites

– Protein Bars (last resort)


Carbohydrate Source Options

– Oatmeal

– Fruit

– Veggies

– Brown and Basmati rice (the bags are very convenient)

– Sweet and Russet Potatoes (can be made in the microwave)

– Ezekiel Bread


Fat Source Options

– Natural Peanut Butter

– Almonds, Walnuts, Cashews

– Olive Oil

– Macadamia Nut Oil

Putting It All Together

Once you have the food you need all you have to do is put it together to meet your
needs. For this to work you are going to have to be creative and relay heavily
on the microwave. Here is how I manage my day cooking all of the food and planning
it out.

7:15 am- Wake up and make coffee.

7:20- Grab a can of chicken and drain it out. I also rinse
it with water to try and remove some of the sodium although I’m not really concerned
with my sodium intake but that’s another lecture for another time lol.

Note: The can of chicken says 13oz. When it is drained it yields
about 8oz worth of meat. (yes I measured)

7:25- Measure out my egg whites and oatmeal and cook them in
the microwave.

7:25 – I measure out about 3oz of chicken to have with my
egg whites and oatmeal for breakfast. The other 5oz I put in a Tupperware container
with brown or basmati rice to have for meal 2. I put that in the fridge.

Approximately 7:30- Eat Breakfast

*I take out the container of chicken and rice and take it
with me

10:30- Eat meal 2 of rice and chicken I made up earlier.

12:00-12:15- Go to the gym

1:30- Have a whey protein shake post workout with usually 2
bananas or an oats/banana combo. This was also prepared in the morning and
brought with me.

4:30- Go to one of the dining halls. The one I like to go to
grills up chicken breast, salmon and sometimes steak for you. I go and get
grilled chicken breast, a grilled portabella mushroom and a large green salad
with a bunch of veggies every time. My carb choice changes but it usually is a
potato, rice or whole wheat pasta.

7:30- Normally I go get food again from one of the dining
halls. I will get salmon or steak if it is offered the second time I go.
Everything else remains about the same.

10:30- I finish the day off with another protein drink with
oats and natural peanut butter mixed in.

*I carry around a gallon water jug too. I do this mostly to
look cool and earn the nickname “water jug”…. #hydration

Final Reflections

This past week I have answered numerous emails and questions about how to eat while
living in a dorm. I hope this article gives you guys a better understanding on
how it can be done effectively.

I also have great news for all students! Since I am a student I know how money can be
tight. Therefore I am giving all students 25% off all nutrition and training

If you want me to hook you up with a custom nutrition plan with all
the right macronutrients to help you reach your goals and also coach you on the
plan and make adjustments as necessary to keep you progressing, send me an
email at so I can get you started!

Join the HUNT!!!

Have a great School Year!

“One Dream, One Reality”