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Nick Wright Bulking Diet 2012

2012 Nick Wright Bulking Diet designed by Hunt Fitness

Nick is competing June 2nd at the INBF Northeast Classic in Massachusetts. Since he took some time off over the holidays we are focusing on finishing up this year’s bulk strong before he starts prepping for the show in early to mid February.

You may notice a few differences from some of Nick’s old bulking diets. The most obvious difference is the number of meals, as this diet only has 4 total meals. The main reason for this has to do with how busy Nick is throughout the day. It became too difficult for him to try to get in more meals so I designed the diet to fit his schedule. If you have questions about how many meals you should be eating here is a good article to shed some light on the topic.

We choose to do two whole food meals and two liquid meals in order to make things more convenient.


Nick Wright
4 meal Diet Program
Training Day
Calories Protein Carbs Fat
Meal 1 RTN Meal Replacement 3 scoops 36g 53g 8g
brekfst 12oz skim milk 12g 19g 0g
1 cup oats 10g 56g 6g
1 piece fruit 0g 30g 0g
1 tbs peanut butter 4g 3g 8g
Meal Totals 1090cals 62g 161g 22g
Meal 2 8oz chicken breast 56g 0g 3g
lunch 2 cups brown rice 4g 82g 3g
1.5 tbs olive or canola oil 0g 0g 21g
green veggies 0g 0g 0g
Meal Totals 803 cals 60g 82g 27g
Meal 3 RTN Meal Replacement 3 scoops 36g 53g 8g
post wo/ 12 oz skim milk 12g 19g 0g
snack 1 cup oats 10g 56g 6g
2 bananas 0g 60g 0g
Meal Totals 1110cals 58g 188g 14g
Meal 4 8oz lean red meat 56g 0g 12g
dinner 2 large russet potatos 8g 120g 0g
1.5 tbs olive or canola oil 0g 0g 21g
green veggies 0g 0g 0g
Meal Totals 1001cals 64g 120g 33g
Daily Totals 4044 244g 551g 96g
24% 55% 21%

*P.S – All of the Hunt Fitness clients are thinking how familiar this excel sheet looks, only with different food and numbers!


If you like how this diet is set up but want your own customized diet to fit your needs check out the link below to get hooked up!

*Make sure you watch the video, it tells everything you need to know!

Have questions or want to discuss anything about this diet? Hit up the comment box below!

Until next time “one dream, one reality” – Hunt Fitness

Kyle Hunt