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Change: New Blog Format

     The Start of Something New

So this is the first blog I have written in quite some time. I am in the process of getting an “actual” website up and running so be looking for that in the near future. The blog and the website are going to be combined to create a wider range of options. My plan is to have a forum page, an article section, an online supplement store, and other cool features on the new site.

The format of my blog posts are going to change a little bit as well. The new posts are going to be shorter and more frequent.  I am going to use the blog posts to state my opinion on certain topics and give “quick tips”.  I am going to save my long information heavy “articles” for the article section on the new site. I am going to have the article section broke up into different categories which will make it really easy to view the article of your choice.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and is training hard! Keep up the good work and remember to check for awesome content on everything fitness!

P.S- If you do not have a hunt-fitness bracelet and want one they are still available, send me an email at to get one! Thanks