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Hunt Fitness: Tom Nybeck

I typically don’t put “testimonials” up on the blog. As many of you know the blog is reserved for articles that hit on training, nutrition, supplementation and motivation. The goal is to create a place where people can go to get great information that will help them reach their goals!

This “testimonial” is a great source of motivation so I thought it should be shared on the blog!


Testimonial from Tom Nybeck

When you try to step into the world of bodybuilding, you have to realize that

you’re not starting a hobby or a sport, you’re starting a LIFESTYLE! In the

beginning I thought I had it all understood, I would lift weights, hop on the

elliptical, and drink protein shake after protein shake. Boy was I WRONG! It is so much more than that, you have to know your diet completely inside and out, and I did not.

When I decided to attempt my first bodybuilding show I tried to write up my own diet. I remember sitting down and writing up a diet that I thought would get me through the whole 12 weeks, chicken (no measurement just as much as I grabbed or put on my plate) and some brown rice (again as much as I felt like scooping). I had actually typed this up and planned on doing it, that is until I met up with hunt-fitness. I sat down with him and he asked me “where’s your macros at?” Ummm…uhhh…I had no idea what a macro was let alone what mine were. So I asked for his help, because I soon got slapped in the face with reality. This pre contest prep was going to be more then was I had anticipated. We met up and he agreed to help me. We communicated via email and text with him sending me my diet and I followed it to a T. Over the 12 weeks I went from 248lbs to 216 on show day, with abs. I have never in my life had abs, I started out at 330lbs, 43 percent body fat! I was heading down a road of diabetes and obesity. So needless to say having abs made me feel amazing! I placed 5th at my show, but the placing didn’t matter as I learned so much, went through emotional ups and downs but with the support of my wife and family, and the hunt-fitness guidance I attained my goal. I am now starting my prep which will be 20 weeks for my 2nd show, this show I will bring something that no one will expect. I plan on documenting the whole thing which you will be able to watch though youtube and my facebook page “team

bodyrage.” And YES, hunt-fitness is going to guide me through this journey!

I owe so much to hunt-fitness, like their slogan says “One Dream, One Reality” they truly made my dream become a reality! I was able to step on stage after years of wishing. Thank you hunt-fitness and yes there is more to come!!!

Tom Nybeck

Twitter: t_ny_77

Facebook: team bodyrage